Announcing the IPR Beta Program!

https___receptionist-server-staging_herokuapp_com_user_beta_2 We have a vision to develop a visitor management application that has unprecedented flexibility in workflow and visual design — that solves problems businesses didn’t even know they had. We created the IPR Beta Program because we think getting user feedback early and often is the best thing we can do to help us achieve our vision. If you’re interested in helping us out, here is how you join the program. In your admin area, in the settings menu simply choose the “Beta Program” (see example to the right).

How to Join the IPR Beta Program

Simply, click “Join Beta” and you will be added to the list of beta program participants.  We will email you periodically with announcements of features we’d like you to test and provide feedback. https___receptionist-server-staging_herokuapp_com_user_beta_1

How to Leave the Program

Ahh! I can’t take it anymore! How do I get off this train?  Don’t worry, it’s super easy.  Any time you are ready to leave the IPR Beta Program, just click the “Leave Beta” button in the same place you signed up (under Beta Program in the Settings menu). https___receptionist-server-staging_herokuapp_com_user_beta Thank you for being a part of The iPad Receptionist family and considering the IPR Beta Program. Questions? Email us at [email protected] or click the chat icon in the bottom right of your screen. ipad visitor managent system software

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