Our Top 5 Office and Visitor Management Articles for 2016

2016 — What a year! We’ve seen huge advances in technology (like that VR headset you got for Christmas). We lost some people we held dear (RIP Carrie Fisher). And someone finally revealed the secret to happiness (but you have be a mathematician to understand it). At The Receptionist, we devoted 2016 to developing new features based on customer feedback (view our recent product updates here) and to publishing content to help you streamline your office and facility operations. We plan to continue both of these initiatives next year. For now, we’d like to wrap up this year with a list of our most-viewed office and visitor management articles for 2016.

Visitor Management Systems: What They Are and Why You Need One

Over the past few years, companies have been paying more attention to who’s in the building. For some, tracking visitors is a compliance requirement. Others are required to keep a visitor log for their insurance as part of the emergency action plan. For many, tracking the flow of people in and out of the office is part of an overall security initiative. For those reasons and more, visitor management systems have exploded in popularity. Today, they can be found in buildings ranging from law offices to schools, to manufacturing facilities. This article provides a comprehensive overview of what visitor management systems are, the challenges they help solve, and the benefits they bring to organizations. Read more.

3 Receptionist Software Tools You Need for 2016

Along with better security, companies of all kinds and sizes are looking for ways to run more efficiently. Many of the solutions come in the form of new software automation tools that can replace the repetitive and mundane tasks that are part of life in any office. This article highlights three types of software that can help your front desk run more smoothly and free up your staff’s time for higher-level work. Read more.

The Death of the Receptionist as We Know It

Technology like the visitor management system has fundamentally changed how offices function. Significantly, we’ve seen a huge shift in the role of the people sitting at the front desk. The Mad Men-era secretary isn’t a job anymore. Today, front desk staff manage all aspects of an office, assist in multiple departments, and serve as front-line brand ambassadors. This article looks at how the role of the receptionist has changed and the benefits both employers and employees are realizing because of it. Read more.

7 Trends in Modern Office Management

By now, we hope you’re seeing a theme — modern offices rely more on technology than they ever did before. Trends like automation, cloud computing, and BYOD were big in 2016, and we think they’ll be even bigger in 2017. This article explores seven trends currently shaping modern workplaces. Read more.

7 Must-Have Tech Tools for the Modern Office

Finally, while the previous article focused on trends themselves, this article looks at the tech tools behind many of those trends. When a client or potential employee walks into your office, you want them to perceive your company as tech-forward, not stuck in the dark ages of the 20th century. This article identifies seven tech tools that will help you stand out from the crowd. Read more. As we mentioned earlier, we plan to expand our content initiative in 2017. If you like what you see here, and you’d like more of it, scroll up to the top of this page and subscribe to our blog. We promise we won’t harass you! What we will do is send you a monthly round-up of the best content from our blog and other sources around the web. Thank you for reading and we’ll see you next year!

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