Implementing Modern Office Technology with a Digital Receptionist

Today’s modern office transcends traditional models of the past. Modern office design is organic and open rather than inflexible and restricted. This creates dynamic workspaces that facilitate communication and collaboration. Paralleling technological advances from the smartphone to the smart home, the modern office is a smart office.

There are three main principles of modern office design. Each principle aims to benefit employees and the employee/customer relationship.

Natural elements promote wellness and productivity. Plants in an office reduce stress levels. Sunlight reduces eye strain. Plus, natural light is free.

Versatility facilitates collaboration and creativity. Flexible furniture allows employees to switch easily from quiet solo work to communicative teamwork. Breakout spaces provide an informal area to unwind and recharge creative energy.

Efficiency and organization propel profitability. Everything from optimizing traffic flow to making eco-friendly choices allow a company to be lean and green.


Modern office technology inspires modern office design.

For example, smart lighting optimizes workplace lighting while reducing utility costs. Smart desks incorporate sensors that rely on the Internet of Things (IoT) for enhanced comfort and posture. Indoor interactive maps and other interactive elements simplify reserving meeting rooms in real-time. Visitor management systems automate visitor check-ins so that administrative staff can focus on work that needs a human touch.


The Receptionist for iPad’s visitor management system is a vital addition to any modern office.

Our game-changing software empowers you to automate crucial visitor management tasks, from creating unique check-in processes for different types of visitors to improving your building security.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing exactly who is visiting your office, when, and why. Use our range of customizable features to make the best first impression with our modern office technology.

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