Our Roadmap

At The Receptionist we love it when we hear from our customers that our software is simple, easy to use, and eliminates pain they have in their day-to-day responsibilities.

Our belief is that the best way to truly solve a customer's problems is to listen to them. The other thing we like to do is ask lots of questions about the problem a customer has, how they solve the problem currently, and how they envision the problem being improved or eliminated. We find this is the best way for us to have a holistic view of the needs of the customer and figure out the simplest way for our software to work. Releasing the feature isn't the last step to solving a problem either. Seeing how a feature is used, listening to customer feedback, and iterating is key to making sure we get things "just right". DeLynn Berry, our Director of Engineering, spoke more about this topic in Episode 13 of our Podcast.

While we'd love to be able to do everything that our customers request or suggest, we also realize that prioritization is key to make sure we work on the highest value features, and not get distracted with the most recently requested items.

To accomplish this, we use a tool called Productboard to assist us in tracking which feature requests we have received, who has made the requests, and also keep track of the answers to those extra questions we ask. Associating customers (and prospects) to feature requests also allows us to personally reach out to people once we release the requested feature in beta form or make it generally available.

One of the great things about Productboard is that they have a "portal" feature that allows us to expose our most commonly requested features to everyone and also give a little insight into the priority order of the feature. You can see this portal below, "+1" features you are most interested in, and even create new features.

If your feature that you request in the past doesn't appear on the board, don't worry! We still have the feature tracked, but we usually wait until we have lots of people request something before allowing it to appear on the portal. This ensures that the portal isn't too crowded.